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  1. Jul 22,  · Detonation — generally caused by fuel with a low octane rating — is the tendency for the fuel to pre-ignite or auto-ignite in an engine's combustion chamber. This early (before the spark plug fires) ignition of fuel creates a shock wave throughout the cylinder as the burning and expanding fuel-air mixture collides with the piston that is.
  2. Detonation definition is - the action or process of detonating. How to use detonation in a sentence.
  3. Define detonation. detonation synonyms, detonation pronunciation, detonation translation, English dictionary definition of detonation. n. 1. The act of exploding. 2. An explosion. n 1. an explosion or the act of exploding 2. the spontaneous combustion in an internal-combustion engine of.
  4. Dec 08,  · Detonation. The word "detonation" means "to thunder down," or explode. When a decomposition reaction or combination reaction releases a lot of energy in a very short span of time, an explosion may occur. A detonation is a dramatic, often destructive, form of an explosion.
  5. Detonation is an extreme singular mode of flame propagation in premixed gas. In this case, the combustion zone follows immediately behind, and drives a leading shock front moving into the quiescent, unburnt gas mixture at supersonic speed.
  6. Jul 01,  · Detonation is identified as any spontaneous combustion occurring after the burn process has already begun, and is independent of the initial flame front. This uncontrolled event can originate from anywhere within the chamber and is usually caused by high cylinder temperatures and or pressure.
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  8. Detonation velocity is the primary parameter according to which detonation behavior is characterized in this facility. Velocity can be measured using two different instruments — pressure transducers or ionization detectors. For reasons discussed below, ionization detectors are the primary instrument used for this measurement, with pressure.